Donations as a company

Corporate social responsibility is more than just "nice to have".

Social responsibility reflects your ideas, beliefs, values and the integrity of your company - both with employees and customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Employees and customers are increasingly demanding that companies invest in social issues as well as business success. According to a study by the MSLGroup, 82% of the millennials surveyed expect companies to be socially committed. Whether you want to attract customers or qualified employees – CSR is much more than just an image tool for companies. By supporting Switzerland ForAfrica, both people in need and your company will benefit.

How your company benefits
  • You make a difference and make a lasting difference to people’s lives
  • Transparent reporting
  • Efficient use of your contributions and professional, sustainable project implementation
  • Text and image material for your publications
  • Mention on social media, website and other publications
  • Mention on name badge/plaque on site (if desired)
  • Input presentations on social responsibility/impact (if desired)
  • Donations to Switzerland ForAfrica are tax deductible

Options for every budget

The following customizable offers are available for a partnership as part of your corporate social responsibility:

Possibilities Implementation Budget
Corporate donation Support specific ForAfrica projects and communicate your commitment. - School nutrition (from CHF 114.- / child and year)
- Agriculture (from CHF 80.- / farming family)
- Well construction (partial financing from CHF 2'500.-)
Donations instead of gifts Give customers the gift of a good deed. Make a donation instead of a traditional gift. - Gift cards or certificates (free amount)
- Individually branded gifts
Cause-Related Marketing Combine a donation with your product sale. Your customers perceive you as a responsible company. - Donation of CHF X per product sold
- Donation of X% of the hourly rate
- Donation of X% of the annual profit
Matching gift Encourage your customers or employees to make a donation. Increase or multiply the amount (matching). - Employees donate the remainder of their wages and you double the amount
- "ForAfrica coin purse" for customers or employees
Aid mission in Africa Finance the construction of a new preschool in Africa. With a one-week on-site assignment, you involve your employees and experience a formative team time. - Companies and employees collect CHF 30,000 to 60,000 and employees spend a week in Africa.
Hike ForAfrica Sponsor the Hike ForAfrica by donating money or goods (food, T-shirt, rental car) and support water projects in Africa. Depending on the amount donated, we will thank you on our channels:
- Facebook + Instagram together 3'864 followers
- Newsletter 3,000 contact addresses
- Logo on the sports shirts of our hikers
- From CHF 1,000 thanks with logo on social media and website.
- From CHF 2,000 thanks with logo in newsletter and on website.
- From CHF 5,000 your logo will be printed on hike shirts and acknowledged in the newsletter, on the website and in the review video.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 
We are at your disposal for advice or further information.

Geschäftsführerin bei Schweiz ForAfrika Fundraising

Mariana Dittmann
Managing Director Switzerland ForAfrica
Phone: 044 500 36 36

What your donations achieve

Thanks to your donations, in 2023 we were able to raise over

Reach people

“In the future, I would like to turn my small store into a wholesale business. I also want to buy a mill to grind porridge so that I have other sources of income besides the store.”

– Rosemary Anania

As a graduate of our agricultural training course, Rosemary has now worked her way into self-employment, has her own employees and can provide for her children.