A daily school meal changes everything. Give hope and a future.

The challenges on the African continent are multi-layered and complex, but together we can overcome them.

With your support, you provide access to education, food, water, health and income and give dignity to those who need it most. Together with your generosity, our locally initiated and locally implemented projects save lives, strengthen local communities and give hope – for an Africa that thrives.

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Our work

Everyone should have the opportunity to overcome poverty and live in dignity and independence.

"Stiftung Schweiz ForAfrika"

Development cooperation from Africa for Africa.

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to develop their full potential. As a partner of Africa’s largest development organization, the ForAfrika Group, we know the challenges that need to be overcome on the ground. Through our work in the areas of nutrition and education, wells and water, agriculture, emergency aid and through our aid missions, we support local communities in overcoming poverty in a sustainable way and building a better future for themselves and their families.

"The scale of the challenge is huge, but so are the dreams of Africans. If we all work together for Africa and provide the necessary resources, we are investing in Africa's transformation. We can and will see Africa's communities move away from dependency towards self-reliance!"

Isak Pretorius: CEO ForAfrika Group

Isak Pretorius Südsudan Verteilung Nothilfe