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Impact of Switzerland ForAfrica

Thanks to your donations, in 2023 we were able to raise over

Reach people

Nutrition & Education
Schoolchildren fed
Wells & water
Wells drilled or renovated
People trained for agriculture.
Relief operations
KITAs newly built

“In the future, I would like to turn my small store into a wholesale business. I also want to buy a mill to grind porridge so that I have other sources of income besides the store.”

Rosemary Anania

As a graduate of our agricultural training course, Rosemary has now worked her way into self-employment, has her own employees and can provide for her children.

Impact of the ForAfrika Group

Leading people to independence.

Looking back, 2023 was both a great and challenging year. We started the year with very ambitious goals to challenge ourselves. When asked why we set ourselves such ambitious goals, I always answer with the words of our Chief Program Officer, Abeba Amene: “Africa cannot wait.”

Our 10-year goal is to enable 20 million Africans to earn a sustainable livelihood by 2032. I am proud to say that this year [2023] we have enabled 250,000 people to become self-sufficient. This is a real transformation.

This year, we have reached more than four million people with our services and opened offices in the Central African Republic and Ethiopia.

In Mozambique, we were able to conclude contracts worth 11 million dollars. Uganda has achieved a breakthrough with the WFP and received a contract for 1.5 million dollars. South Sudan continues to make excellent progress and its climate-friendly projects were recognized at COP28. We were also recognized as a top partner by the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

Isak Pretorius (CEO ForAfrika Group)

Emergency response
Reaching people in need
Wells drilled or renovated
Supporting people in agriculture
malnourished people receive medical treatment
School makeovers carried out
Municipal savings and loan groups formed
African Map

In our eight project countries, we work in the areas of emergency aid, water, agriculture, health, education and economic development.