Emergency response

One of our core competencies is providing rapid and flexible emergency aid in crisis and disaster areas.

In emergency response, we concentrate on our project countries, as we have a network of employees, our own logistics and reliable partnerships there. Thank you very much for helping us with your donation to react simply, quickly and easily in emergency situations.

Emergency response fund

As emergencies cannot wait, we have set up an emergency fund so that we can help families in crisis situations immediately. By donating to this fund, you ensure that the aid reaches where it is most urgently needed.

  • Water – We set up temporary emergency water supplies.
  • Food – We bring emergency food rations to the families who need them most. A voucher system for cash and food ensures fair distribution.
  • Logistics – We purchase goods, transport them to the disaster area and deliver them to those in need – one of the most difficult activities during a disaster.
  • Emergency goods – We offer emergency accommodation, clothing and medical care.

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Dr. Ohiri won the Employee Award 2023

Dr. Dolly Patrick Ohiri, ForAfrika’s medical officer and coordinator for healthcare in the district, emphasizes the significant improvements that have been achieved at the hospital.

He attributes the reduction in maternal mortality to increased prenatal care, early detection of complications and rapid intervention.

Dr. Ohiri talks to a mother in the district hospital in Pibor

Completed projects

Donate now

Disasters of any kind often happen unpredictably and yet require quick action because thousands of lives are often at stake. Donate to our emergency response fund today. This enables us to provide immediate assistance as quickly as possible in the event of the next crisis. Your donation goes where it is most urgently needed.