Our programs

Everyone should have the opportunity to overcome poverty and live in dignity and independence.

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Through our programs in the areas of nutrition, well construction, agriculture, infrastructure and emergency aid, we support local communities in overcoming poverty in a sustainable way and building a better future for themselves and their families.

Nutrition and education

The most effective way out of poverty is education. And this is exactly where our school feeding project comes in. Every school day, we distribute a nutritious and vitamin-enriched meal to 23 schools in Angola. In this way, we not only combat malnutrition, but also increase school enrolment figures and promote receptivity in the classroom. Just CHF 9.50 is enough to feed another schoolchild for a month.

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Wells and water

In rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, 34% of the population still has no access to clean drinking water. Kilometers of dangerous walking to polluted water points are part of everyday life and drinking contaminated water often leads to illness.

We therefore tap drinking water by means of deep drilling (70-90m) and install mechanical hand pumps. As part of WASH projects (water, hygiene and sanitation), we build washing stations and latrines and carry out hygiene training to prevent diseases.

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Agricultural training is an effective means of leading entire communities to independence. Through knowledge transfer, practical training and starter packs (e.g. seeds, tools or small animals), we teach climate-friendly and water-conserving agricultural practices. We also train participants in savings and investment activities and help them to access the market.

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Relief operations

Teams of volunteers collect money in Switzerland to then travel to Africa for an aid mission. We renovate schools and daycare centers, build playgrounds and plant gardens. In this way, we support the commitment of the local population and create child-friendly play and learning environments. In retrospect, many participants tell us that the aid mission has inspired and shaped them positively for the rest of their lives.

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Emergency response

ForAfrika as an organization was created in response to the need of a humanitarian disaster. One of ForAfrika’s core competencies is providing rapid and flexible emergency aid in crisis and disaster areas. We concentrate on our focus countries and work together with UN organizations such as UNICEF and WFP.

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Project countries

Switzerland ForAfrika’s current project countries are Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, South Sudan and Uganda.

The project is implemented by and in cooperation with the ForAfrika Group and its country offices. Switzerland ForAfrika is responsible for selecting, financing, co-managing and monitoring the projects.

Each of these countries has its own ForAfrika office with operational teams, including Country Director, Program Manager, Field Staff and DM&E (Development, Monitoring and Evaluation) Officers. These teams are committed to helping Africa realize its full potential.

South Sudan
South Africa