School feeding - Angola

Elementary school Mahumbulo

Location: Mahumbulo / Angola

Location: Google Maps

Number of children: 572

Number of teachers: 15

Costs per year: CHF 65,208

Classrooms: Mahumbulo Primary School has 6 classrooms, an office and sanitary facilities. As the school had more pupils than could be accommodated in these classes, 4 outdoor classrooms were built. These are located next to the neighboring schools in the village of Ndova and in the village of Caussolo.

Kitchen and storehouse: The parents’ council has improved the kitchen infrastructure, which is now covered with zinc sheets so that food preparation is safer. The school’s warehouse, which was built from mud bricks and has a corrugated iron roof, is designed for the safe storage of school food supplies.

Hygiene: The school building has functioning latrines for teachers and schoolchildren. The municipal education department has provided buckets for hand washing. ForAfrika sensitizes and instructs schoolchildren to wash their hands before and after using the latrines. This prevents the spread of diseases.

Water point: In fall 2023, a well was drilled and equipped with a hand pump. As a result, the schoolchildren not only have clean drinking water, but hygiene is also guaranteed. After several delays, the people’s dream has finally come true.

Wherever ForAfrica is active, we work actively with the communities. At schools, these are committees consisting of representatives of teachers and parents who discuss school issues or organize volunteers, e.g. for food preparation and distribution.

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