School feeding - Angola

Elementary school Cavimbi I

Name: Cavimbi I / Angola

Location: Google Maps

Number of children: 340

Number of teachers: 7

Costs per year: CHF 38,760

Wherever ForAfrica is active, we work actively with the communities. An Schulen sind dies Komitees, bestehend aus VertreterInnen von Lehrpersonen und Eltern, die über die Belange der Schule diskutieren, oder Freiwillige organisieren, z.B. für die Essenszubereitung und -verteilung.

Classrooms: The Cavimbi I elementary school has 5 classrooms built in 2007. The classrooms are fully equipped, but the windows and wall cladding are showing the first signs of decay.

Kitchen and storage room: The parent-teacher committee is currently building a new kitchen, which will soon be completed. On the other hand, the construction of a catering room is being planned so that the schoolchildren can enjoy their meals in a protected and clean environment. Previously, external premises had to be rented as storage space. However, the aim is also to set up a dedicated storage room for the school.

Latrine: Two latrines were built by the parents’ committee for the school children and teachers and completed in 2023. They are already in operation, although one still has no door due to a lack of funds.

Well: The community has a functioning well, but it is located some distance from the school grounds and is overloaded due to the high demand from the village. A well financed by Switzerland ForAfrica is planned. However, some challenges were encountered during drilling and no water has yet been found. Nevertheless, we will continue drilling and try to install a school well with a hand pump as soon as possible.

School garden: The school garden continues to “produce” and the garden serves as a teaching area for agricultural techniques where students gain experience and participate in plowing. Carrots, onions, cabbage and peppers are currently being grown to supplement the school’s menu. This knowledge trains and sensitizes the children to ensure a balanced diet at home through agriculture. However, as there are only limited resources available for irrigation, it is difficult to produce large quantities of food for the school and the most needy in the community. The parents’ council maintains a fund that is “fed” by the harvest products sold. A collection will now provide the funds to maintain the school garden and find an adequate solution to ensure sustainable irrigation.

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