The rebranding video.

Our name changes but our vision and our heartbeat stay the same! JAM is now called ForAfrika.

JAM International has been passionately committed to the wonderful continent of Africa for almost 40 years and JAM Switzerland for 15 years. This passion for Africa drives us to reach even more people in need and to see the African continent flourish. In order to achieve these positive changes in Africa, JAM now wants to reposition itself. This will help us to clearly communicate who we are and what we stand for in the future.

The new name – ForAfrika – clearly sums up our vision, our mission and our goal. Everything we do is for Africa. JAM started in Africa, and many of our local employees come from the African village communities we support. This is how we work every day for an Africa that thrives. We as a foundation are also part of the global ForAfrika network and have changed our name accordingly. Our new name is “Stiftung Schweiz ForAfrika”.

This new chapter was opened at the international launch on April 12, 2022. We are very much looking forward to our trip together! Click here for the recording of the
online event.

Our new logo

We proudly present our new logo and the story behind it. To ensure that the logo stays true to the continent and the identity of Africa, we worked closely with Vumile Mavumengwana, a well-known South African artist.

Our new logo was inspired by old African clay cloth symbols and the “bomas” that characterize the African landscape.

The clay cloth pattern we chose symbolizes the love of family and community.

Bomas are circular buildings made of poles or large stones that are used in traditional African societies to protect a house, its inhabitants and livestock.

The outer circle stands for the family home and the dot in the middle for the family.

This is how we came up with our symbol, which both suggests the shape of the African continent and symbolizes the unity between the family members, the local communities – and now the entire continent.

The dot in the middle was placed over the “i” in “ForAfrika”. This symbolizes the power of individuals who are willing to say: “I will stand for Africa”.

Questions and answers

In our name, the letter “k” is used instead of the “c” because that is how it is spelled in most of the vernacular and tribal languages on the African continent. Many of these languages do not have the letter “C” in their alphabet. We see the use of the letter “K” as a symbol of Africa’s rich heritage and independent future.

That is why we are not called “ForAfrica”, but “ForAfrika”.

No, our work has not changed. Switzerland ForAfrika continues to support the projects that have already been started, takes on new projects, organizes aid missions (makeovers) and the composition of the strategic and operational teams remains unchanged.

The existing payment slips made out to JAM Switzerland will remain valid (until June 2023) and can be used for payments. Please note that from September 2022, only the new QR deposit slips will be accepted in Switzerland. We therefore kindly ask you to adjust the standing orders accordingly.

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