23. March 2023

A team of volunteers transforms a KITA and the children’s lives.

The keys to a new beginning: KITA manager Simollang Pooe has dedicated her life to creating a safe environment for the children in her community. The owners of these KITAs often do this for very little money. Now she has the keys to a new KITA in her hand.

Early childhood development - which usually takes place in a daycare center or preschool - is a crucial part of a child's education, ensuring that they develop their full cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential.

In the South African townships, however, most of these KITAs are simply housed in the home of a friendly and helpful woman who looks after the babies and toddlers so that the parents can go to work and earn a living with peace of mind.

Most of these houses are corrugated iron huts, which are very hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. They leak when it rains and it’s stuffy inside. There are very few educational toys and equipment, let alone trained staff. Most KITAs also do not have adequate toilets.

We support some of these daycare centers through infrastructure improvement projects, which we affectionately call “makeovers”. Thanks to the passion and commitment of our teams of volunteers, we are able to build a better future for local children.

Last year, a team of volunteers raised enough money to renovate the Simollang KITA in the township of Maile in Rustenburg. On site, they lent a hand and got down to work to improve the KITA and the lives of the children, parents and carers.

When the new school year starts, everyone will want to be part of it.

Alte KITA Südafrika
Hilfseinsatz in KITA in Südafrika mit Kindern

The bare essentials: Before the renovation, the Simollang KITA was housed in a corrugated iron hut, which was not the best environment for children. The renovated KITA now has three classrooms, toilets, a kitchen, an office, a sick room and an outdoor playground. A water tank was installed to collect and supply water. Educational toys, tables and chairs, mattresses, kitchen equipment, an office chair and a desk were also purchased.

Teamwork: Volunteers and employees worked together to transform KITA Simollang. They even laid a new lawn for the playground.

Rasen wir in der KITA Simollang angepflanzt. Hilfseinsatz in KITA in Südafrika mit Kindern
Füsse anmalen und wände künstlerisch dekorieren. Hilfseinsatz in KITA in Südafrika mit Kindern

Great footwork: children are involved in putting their stamp on the new buildings.

Team für Hilfseinsatz Südafrika KITA

Fun is a must: The team still had a lot to laugh about during the hard work.

Walk into the future: The volunteer team picks up the children in time for the big “handover party”.

Einstatzteam Freiwilligen Helfer Volunteer Hilfseinsatz

Done – time to celebrate: After exploring their new KITA, the children and volunteers recorded their memories.

Hilfseinsatz in KITA in Südafrika mit Kindern

Beaming with laughter: The children enjoy their new classrooms to the full.

BBQ Festessen Township Südafrika Rustenburg

A feast: The KITA manager’s family and friends prepared a feast for everyone to enjoy together as a thank-you.

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