Sponsoring – donating – bequeathing

Leave a lasting legacy for a better future for Africa.

Do you want to do good with your life's work beyond your own life and leave a lasting mark on the history of many lives? Then take this into account in your will and lead African families into a better future beyond your lifetime.

Inheritance options


Family members such as spouses, children and parents are entitled to a minimum share of your estate. Once these shares have been deducted from the inheritance, you can freely dispose of the remaining assets and define Switzerland ForAfrika as a co-heir. Single people without dependents can even designate Switzerland ForAfrika as their sole heir.


With a legacy, you specify that a fixed amount or certain items in kind are to be bequeathed to Switzerland ForAfrika. For example, you mention in your will that Switzerland ForAfrika is to receive a legacy of CHF 10,000. Or you mention, for example, that a property is being bequeathed to Switzerland ForAfrika.


A will allows you to determine what happens to your assets after your death. You can find detailed instructions on how to draw up a will on the portal of the Swiss authorities.

Guide: How do I draw up a will?

Your advantages

With your legacy, you can provide long-term and sustainable support for the future of Africa and thus significantly change the living conditions of many people for the better.

Switzerland ForAfrika handles your estate very carefully, which is checked and confirmed annually by the ZEWO seal of approval.

Decide for yourself whether your estate is available for free use or earmarked for a specific purpose. Select the projects you wish to support with your inheritance.

As a non-profit organization, Switzerland ForAfrika is exempt from inheritance tax. The entire amount thus benefits the projects without deduction of further taxes.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
We are at your disposal for advice or further information.

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Geschäftsführerin bei Schweiz ForAfrika Fundraising

Mariana Dittmann
Managing Director Switzerland ForAfrica
Phone: 044 500 36 36
Email: m.dittmann@forafrika.ch

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