Water projects - Uganda

WASH – Water and wells for Uganda

Current donation target (until 2024):

Location: Karamoja sub-region, West Nile and Northern Uganda

Persons: 138,000 (by 2025)

Project scope:

The following measures are planned over a three-year period (2023-2025):

  • 100 Well renovations
  • 10 Well drillings
  • 20 water tanks
  • 10 Irrigation systems
  • Hygiene training
  • Training of mechanics
  • Forming and training WASH committees (water, sanitation and hygiene)

Well construction improves agriculture and livestock farming.

A region blossoms

In 2022 and 2023, we rehabilitated 16 defective wells in the north-east of Uganda, in a region called Karamoja. As the people in the region were suffering from drought and water shortages, our project was a great relief for the affected population. Harriet Ayen (37) also benefited from the rehabilitation of a well and tells us about it:

“We previously had to travel long distances to find water for our animals and our gardens. It is a blessing for us that ForAfrika has repaired the well in our community. ForAfrika has brought us hope.”

As this completed project is having a strong impact, we have decided to expand the project over the next three years.

Expansion of the project

Evaluations and consultations with local authorities and experts have shown that the focus in Uganda should continue to be on the rehabilitation of defective wells and the training of mechanics and responsible committees. To counteract the threat to food security caused by the drought, we will also invest in water tanks and irrigation systems. This supports the local population in developing sustainable livestock and agriculture and leads them step by step to independence. Training and courses, 100 well renovations, 10 well drillings, the installation of 20 water tanks and 10 irrigation systems are planned. The planned project extends over a period of three years and the project costs for this year amount to CHF 150,000.

The project contributes directly to the achievement of SDG 6 and indirectly to SDGs 3 and 5.

Project update January 2024

We successfully launched the three-year project in 2023. In the first phase, we concentrated on on-site investigations and establishing cooperation with local authorities, communities and organizations. We have also already carried out an awareness campaign and trained people in the use of water and hygiene. In addition, 14 wells have already been renovated and one new well drilled and installed (see photos).

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